A classic, beautiful and tactile upholstery fabric in four elegant designs.

This collection is being phased out. Please check stock with the Sales office before specifying.

The website will be updated regularly to remove discontinued colourways.

Capri Ischia Amethyst 6473
Capri Roma Amethyst 8373
Capri Venezia Amethyst 8773
Capri Capri Aquamarine 8270
Capri Ischia Aquamarine 6470
Capri Roma Aquamarine 8370
Capri Venezia Aquamarine 8770
Capri Venezia Coral 8777
Capri Capri Mocha 8271
Capri Ischia Mocha 6471
Capri Roma Mocha 8371
Capri Venezia Mocha 8771

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