A subtle and elegant woven ogee design with complimentary stripes, diamonds, plains and rustic sheer.

Limoges Persac Grigio 12
Limoges Persac Macerato 11
Limoges Tulle Miele 23
Limoges Tulle Noce 25
Limoges Tulle Panna 23
Limoges Antigny Peacock Blue 609-3
Limoges Aubusson Peacock Blue 764-1
Limoges Chamberet Peacock Blue 6102
Limoges Montbron Peacock Blue 766-1
Limoges Montbron Peacock Blue Reversed 766-1
Limoges Antigny Peridot Green 609-15
Limoges Aubusson Peridot Green 506-9

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